When it comes to technology, we find the right tool for the job at hand. The diagram below shows some of our current competencies. Keep watching this space; at the pace at which tech is evolving, our skills keep expanding to ensure we can advise our customers on the best technology for their needs.

Pinch to Zoom

The user journey is as important as the look & feel. It’s all about the experience, not only the aesthetics of the interaction. We have specialists to help with the tailored design of the UI whilst optimising the UX, underpinned by detailed design and graphics.

At the heart of your solution there needs to be a core technology that radiates reliability, scalability and performance whilst creating stable and future proof foundations. Our adopted technologies combined with our skilled resources achieve exactly this.
Insights from data are the next big differentiator for business. Along with our partners in this space, we create solutions that transform rows and columns of data into actionable insights.
A workman is only as good as his tools. This is also true in software development. Our selected operational tools create an efficient work environment for developers to deliver quality outcomes.

The engine of any solution is critical to its performance. We have adopted a generic cloud approach across multiple vendors to ensure that we can create the optimal solution with optimal flexibility.

Using technology platforms as a service in many instances speed up the solution delivery and decreases the capital requirement for solution creation. We have identified and adopted several platforms and can advise our customers on the benefits and potential pitfalls.
Frameworks can add significant speed and momentum to solution delivery. Adopting them too early can lead to paying school fees. The range of platforms we have adopted strikes the balance between cutting edge tech and sustainable solutions.
Native vs Framework, this always seems to be the debate. We believe the use case determines the tool, and no two requirements are the same. Therefore, we build in both native and framework when it comes to mobile apps.
Releasing quality code is one thing – realising quality code consistently to all targeted environments can increase delivery efforts exponentially if not done correctly. We utilise best of breed technologies to streamline the delivery cycle and create predictability.
QA is a critical aspect of solution delivery, even more so is the consistency of the testing efforts in system, integration, and regression testing. To ensure quality delivery, we have adopted several tools to automate the testing process in addition to manual efforts performed by our testers.